VR Perimetry

Type: Perimetry
Platform: Not yet specified smartphone OS with Smartphone VR-Headset
Developer: Talking Eyes & More GmbH
Country: DE – Germany
Link: https://talkingeyes.de/vr-perimetrie/
Product presentation:
Availability: In development stage
Description (From Developer):

“The smartphone-based VR perimeter is being developed by TE&M GmbH into a medical device of risk class IIa.

The prototype has already been tested by the eye clinic of the University Hospital Erlangen. The development of the VR perimeter was funded by the Bavarian State Government as part of the Digital Vision Trainer project, PBN-MED-1603-0007. The results were presented at the DOG 2019 in Berlin. The manuscript is currently being prepared and published.” (Read: 24.06.2023)


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