I have low vision

Type: VR headset for Smartphones


Platform: Android, iOS

I have low vision

Country: ES – Spain
Link: https://www.tengobajavision.com/tienda/
Availability: Via Onlineshop

1. Headset and controller for Android

2. Headset and controller for iPhone

3. App for Android

4. App for iOS

Description of the developer:
“Low vision symptoms simulator (loss of visual field, loss of central vision, loss of visual acuity, distortion, patched vision, night blindness, photophobia and reduced contrast sensitivity). Created to be used with Virtual Reality (VR) glasses in order to experience and understand the way people with low vision see the world around themselves. This application intends to help understand how people with low vision see, to help them understand their difficulties, and teach them to interact with them properly.It is a useful tool for different low vision specialists (ophthalmologists, optometrists, vision rehabilitation therapists, psychologists, educators), as well as for the affected people themselves and the organizations that represent them.In summary, the aim of the app is to bring awareness about low vision in order to facilitate understanding and improve social interaction for persons with low vision.”(May 2022)


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