Multisensory technology for visually impaired children and adults

Subject: Multisensory technology for visually impaired children and adults
Abstract: We live in a multisensory environment in which vision, audition, and touch collaborate to improve the quality of the interaction with the environment. Multisensory signals are moreover integrated to enhance the quality of our perception. In the absence of vision, the audio and tactile information can support the development of spatial and body representation. In this talk, I’ll present our results on how multisensory technology can be a support for children and adults with visual impairment in the fields of rehabilitation, mobility, and game.
Speaker: Dr. Monica Gori,
Organisation: Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, Italy
Short biography of speaker: Monica Gori is a tenured senior scientist at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), where he leads the Unit for Visually Impaired People (U-VIP) laboratory. Her lab comprises 23 scientists (8 Ph.D., 7 PostDocs, 1 Technician, 5 Affiliated Researchers). Monica Gori is an expert on development, multisensory integration, visual disability, and spatial perception. Monica is a recipient of the European Research Council (ERC) starting grant MySpace 2021 (~€1.5 million, ). She was the scientific coordinator of two large European grants, FP7 project ABBI (~€2 million, ) and Horizon-2020 project WeDraw (~€2.5 million, ) and partner in two ITN H2020 Marie Curie project: MultiTouch and Optivist and Supervisor in the TIRESIA Horizon-2020 Global Marie Curie project. She has coordinated as a principal investigator of several technology transfer initiatives such as JOiiNT lab at Mondino research Hospital San Martino Research Hospital and is the author of a patent.

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