Development of an assistive modular camera system

Subject: Development of an assistive modular camera system
Abstract: There exist a multitude of commercial devices to assist visually impaired people in everyday tasks. However, these systems reach their limits in special situations, such as welding or manufacturing.

A research project funded by the inclusion office of the Landschaftsverband Rheinland was started in 2020 to find ways to assist people with visual impairments in such situations. The result of the research project was the successful development of a low-cost modular VR-based assistive device with appropriate camera technology and enclosure to adapt to industrial environments.

Speaker: Mr. Sebastian Muszytowski,
Organisation: BOS Connect GmbH, Germany
Short biography of speaker: Sebastian Muszytowski is passionate about connecting technological advancements with the needs of people. As a Data Architect and Digital Transformation Lead, he consults and guides companies toward implementing successful digital solutions. Sebastian started his career at IBM R&D and is now part of the BOS Connect GmbH, which specializes in customized user-centered solutions.

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