A novel digital therapeutic to slow the progression of juvenile myopia

Subject: Digital therapeutic to slow the progression of juvenile myopia
Abstract: The prevalence of myopia (‘nearsightedness’) and high (severe) myopia, has risen dramatically. By 2050, half of the global population is projected to be myopic with nearly 20% experience high myopia. High myopia is associated with severe, often sight-threatening conditions later in life. Currently available treatments to manage the progression of myopia may not be particularly effective or patient friendly. Recent research supports the role of light-stimulated increase of ocular dopamine in the control of myopia progression. Dopavision is seeking to exploit the role of dopamine in controlling myopia progression and the role of light in stimulating dopamine release in the eye. Dopavision has developed MyopiaX®, a user-friendly smartphone app intended to slow myopia progression by delivering light stimulation to specific sites in the eye that, when stimulated appropriately, can result in an increase in ocular dopamine. The safety and efficacy of MyopiaX® in controlling myopia progression in children 6-14 is currently being tested in a multi-center, controlled clinical trial in Europe.
Speaker: Dr. Mark Wuttke, wuttke@dopavision.com
Organisation: Dopavision GmbH, Germany
Short biography of speaker: Mark Wuttke, CEO of Dopavision GmbH, has more than two decades of healthcare business expertise, including comprehensive experience in the development and commercialization of ophthalmology products at Novartis, a global leader in eye health. He has also worked as a strategy consultant to the healthcare industry and as an equity research analyst. Mark holds a Ph.D. in Biology from Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.

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