Eye Disease Simulation

Subject: Eye Disease Simulation in Augmented Reality with CFLOU’s Low Vision Simulator
Abstract: Better than explaining low vision to caregivers or health professionals : offer an immersive experience with our low vision simulator with augmented reality that simulates a wide range of eye diseases at 10
different levels : AMD, retinitis etc.
Speaker: Mrs. Andrea Ignat on behalf of Mr. Olivier Dellabe
Web: https://www.cflou.com/simulateur-de-deficience-visuelle/3199-low-vision-simulator-in-augmented-reality.html
Organisation: CFLOU
Short biography of speaker: Olivier Dellabe founded 10 years ago CFLOU
in France and over the years CFLOU became a renowed distributor, importer
and manufacturer of low vision technical solutions for the binded and the
visually impaired. Olivier Dellabe recently invented and created a low
vision simulator to help raise awarenness around the topic of low vision for
all publics : caregivers, health professionnals, schools, universities,
hospitals and so on. After a very successfull presentation at Sight City
2023 we are currently looking for world wide distributors for our low vision

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