Application of new technologies

Subject: Application of new technologies to the field of visual neuro-rehabilitation
Abstract: We will briefly explore some of the possible applications of ET/VR-related technologies to visual neuro-rehabilitation, and diagnostic/monitor tools. What main illnesses are related to the eye’s movements or where the eye movements can be used at some stage of the diagnostic/rehabilitation/monitoring process.
Speaker: Mr. Jaime Finat

Rapture Games

Short biography of speaker: Jaime Finat is a Biomedical Engineer, specialty in Theory Signal applied to Biomedicine. Worked for years as European Project Manager At CIDIF (Research Centre for Physical Disabilities), hosted by the ASPAYM Foundation. Worked in the field of image analysis in collaboration with the University Clinic Hospital in Valladolid; assistant professor at the University of Valladolid; owner and main author of a European patent (KIT FOR ADAPTING A VIRTUAL REALITY HEADSET AND METHOD FOR USING SAME FOR VISUAL NEUROREHABILITATION). Currently working as Computer Engineer at Unity, for its Spanish office, as a member of the Core Team developing Unity’s Version Control System.

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