X-Road project

Subject: X-Road project – Orientation & Mobility and accessible Virtual Reality : which comes first ?
Abstract: X-Road is a virtual reality (VR) system for Orientation & Mobility training (O&M), that can be use in addition to classical O&M modalities. Professionals instructors trained students with visual impairments during O&M classes, demonstrating the feasibility of accessible VR. During the design phase, we first learned the O&M techniques to be sure the virtual world could be represented.
So, like chicken-and-egg, O&M helps to create accessible VR, and VR helps for O&M.We will present :
– the theoretical advantages of VR for O&M
– how X-Road is technically designed
– what the instructors and the students think of X-Road
– our main results, from design guidelines to pedagogical usefulness
Speaker: Mrs. Lauren Thevin

Université Catholique de l’Ouest /France

Short biography of speaker: Lauren Thevin is an associate professor at UCO-Bretagne Sud in Vannes (Bretagne, France). Her current research is about virtual and augmented reality for people with and without visual impairments.

After a PhD in computer sciences at Grenoble-Aples Univerity (artificial intelligence and multi-agent system for emergency response training) , she continued her research on technology & training at Inria-Bordeaux, Toulouse university and LMU-Munich about accessible augmented and virtual reality.

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