Virtual Reality in O&M learning

Subject: Virtual Reality in O&M learning
Abstract: Virtual Reality changes ways people play games, watch videos and use different programs. These new ways also benefit visually impaired people, even with extremely low vision, because the image is right in front of the users eyes. Our students have visited national landmarks, landed on the moon, watched netflix shows and of course played games in virtual reality.
When learning O&M skills, repetition is often needed, so that moving becomes as independent as possible. Landmarks and places of danger of the route can’t always be remembered at first glance. The first independent transitions after O&M training can be quite nerv wracking and the mover can have some uncertanties of the route that add up to the tension.
With virtual reality and 360 videos it is possible to build up the movers confidence and ease up possible tensions. We have tested, tried and found good solutions on how to expand O&M possibilities.
Speaker: Mr. Timo Valteri and Mrs. Outi Lappalainen
Organisation: Valteri – Centre for Learning and Consulting /Finland
Short biography of speaker: Timo Repo works as an IT devidce specialist at Valteri center for learning and consulting. He is highly interested on everything concerning information technology, visual impairment and on how to combine these. He works with students from 1st to 9th grade.

Outi Lappalainen is an O&M specialist and a technology enthusiast. She is interesed on combining everyday technology to orientation and mobility skills. She works with students from 1st to 9th grade.


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